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Printed Date: Thursday, September 24, 2020

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31 Hactchings of Russel viper found

Belgaum: About 31 hatchings of highly venomous Russell viper along with the mother snake were caught alive by forest department staffs and snake catcher at Kumarswamy Layout here on Monday.

The morning strollers spotted small snakes and informed the forest department and snake catcher Anand Siti. The strollers before the forest staffs and snake catcher could arrive, came across nearly 31 small snakes. The forest staffs and snake catcher confirmed that all the snakes found were Russell viper. The snake catcher also alerted forest staff that the mother snake would be somewhere here and he searched for it. Later he came across 2.5ft mother snake and he caught successfully. The forest department staffs and snake catcher took all the snakes and released them into Jamboti Reserve forest.

Anand Siti, who so far caught nearly 2000 Russell viper said, "The Russell viper is a venomous snake, found across the country. It is generally a slow moving snake, but when it attacks, it can move fast and strike within no time".


 Source: The Times of India, 13-05-2013