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| Last Updated:24/05/2019

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Rock engravings discovered near Palakkad




A team of archaeologists have discovered a site of rock engravings at Chathiyodu in Palakkad district.The team led by V. Sanalkumar, Director of Geo-Heritage Archaeological Research Centre, made the discovery along the tributary zone of the Chulliyam Peraru river (Bharathapuzha) basin in the Western Ghats.


            A large number of prehistoric, early historic, medieval, and later medieval archaeological sites relating to ancient Tamizhakam have been found.  The site at Chathiyodu has the image of a bull engraved on a flat rocky surface near an open shrine. Engravings of tree-like motifs have also been found.


         Similar discoveries have been made along the Gayathripuzha valley of Thenmala in Arayakulam, Seetharukundu, Thevarmani porai, and Vamala. A pair of foot carvings on rock surfaces have been found at Govindamala, Vamala, Kottamala, and Viruthi.


      Carvings of footprints have been reported from Kalavetti, Kalpathy, Thenery, Thiruvluamala, and the Malayattur hills.