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| Last Updated:13/08/2020

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New shark species discovered

WASHINGTON: Scientists have discovered a new species of shark weighing a massive 400 pounds in the waters off the coast of South Carolina.


 The "Carolina hammerhead " reaches 11 feet long and has been found cruising the waters at Bull's Bay north of Charleston, St Helena Sound near Beaufort and in the Charleston harbour.

However, biologists suspect these hammerhead sharks occur worldwide, since evidence of them has been found in the past from Brazil to the Indian Ocean.


 "It is a distinct species," said William Driggers, a marine scientist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's ( NOAA) fisheries division. He was a part of that team that made the discovery.


 He said it is almost impossible to tell the difference between a Carolina hammerhead and the well-known scalloped hammerhead — except for one major distinction : the newly identified species has fewer vertebrae than its shark cousins.


Source:The Times of India, 5 September 2013