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| Last Updated:13/01/2021

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‘Shun diclofenac to save vultures’


Arulagam, an organisation engaged in protecting the environment, in association with the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund on Sunday conducted a programme on vulture conservation.


Pals of nature


 A release from S. Bharathidasan, Secretary, Arulagam, says that the programme, ‘Pals of Vulture’ was aimed at sensitising the students to the dangers the birds faced.


 Arulagam conducted the programme at the Kendriya Vidyalaya at the Hindustan Photo Films premises.


 The programme covered conservation of vultures, their adaptations, special characteristics, and their role in the ecosystem.




 The message was conveyed to the students using art as a medium. Children took part in the drawing and painting events.


 Conservation artist Raghunath Krishna, environmentalist Kovai Sadasivam, naturalist Matteo of Germany, the school teachers and others participated in the function.




 The children promised to create awareness about the impact of the use of diclofenac in cattle on vultures.


 The students promised to speak to veterinarians, cattle owners and others, the release added.



Source: The Hindu, 1 July 2013