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| Last Updated:28/09/2020

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Environment Day: Need to supply good quality food to all stressed



Chief Minister Oommen Chandy called  for a reduction in the widening gap between people who have food to waste and people who have no food at all.


He was delivering the inaugural address at the Environmental Day celebrations jointly organised by the Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment and the Science and Technology Museum.


“On one side are people who can eat whatever they want and even waste. On the other side are people who have no food at all and even if they have, there is the problem of malnutrition. This gap has to be reduced and every individual needs to give importance to this,” he said.


The Chief Minister emphasised the need for developing a mechanism for supplying good quality food to all people.


“The focal theme for World Environmental Day 2013 - Think, Eat, Save- on reducing food waste is a good opportunity for developing suitable strategies for solving problems in the food sector,” he said.


Oommen Chandy also reiterated that all development projects in the state will be carried out, but not at the cost of the environment.


“It is only natural that priority is given to today’s problems. But development, forgetting environmental conservation, would create a major problem for tomorrow. The development projects will be carried out only after taking into account the needs of tomorrow,” Chandy said.


“It was precisely this that made us point out the practical difficulties of implementing the Madhav Gadgil report. We need development and we need changes but only by protecting tomorrow’s interests,” he said.


The Chief Minister released a study project report on ‘Environmental Monitoring Programme of Water Quality’ brought out by the KSCSTE.


He also distributed cash prizes and certificates to the winners of the National Photography Competition conducted by the  Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment.  Centre for Tuber Crops Research Institute former director Edison, in his keynote address, stated the significance of World Environment Day and the need for a greener economy pathway for sustainable development and poverty eradication.


P S Harikumar, head of the Water Quality Department of the Centre for Water Resources, Development and Management (CWRDM), explained the Water Quality Monitoring Report of Chandragiri, Valapattanam, Kallada and Keecheri Puzhakkal river basins.  Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment member-secretary K K Ramachandran, CWRDM executive director Narasimha Prasad, NGC coordinator Ajith Kumar,, Science and Technology director Arun Jerald Prakash and  Kamalakshan Kokkal also spoke.


Source:The New Indian Express 6 June 2013