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| Last Updated:: 17/01/2020

Eco clubs in New Schools

KSCSTE decided to set up new Eco-clubs in 2500 schools in the 14 districts of Kerala during the current financial year. KSCSTE is the nodal agency for implementing Eco-clubs in schools under National Green Corps Programme of MoEF in 3500 schools of the State. After the successful implementation of the programme during the last 12 years, Govt. of Kerala decided to extend the programme in 2500 Government and Aided schools in the State. The programme was found to be very useful in creating environmental awareness among the students in the schools. Hence new schools which are not included under the existing 3500 schools under the NGC Programme are invited to register their names with the District Co-ordinators of NGC Programme, so that Eco-clubs can be set up in such schools and financial support for an amount of Rs 2500/- per annum can be provided to them. This initiative of Govt. of Kerala to extend the NGC Programme in 2500 new schools additionally in the State will boost up the environmental awareness programme initiatives to total 6000 schools in the State. Besides financial support for Eco-clubs, environmental training for teachers, encouragement for various environmental activities and providing financial support for conducting specific environment programmes can be provided to such schools. Hence the schools which intend to participate in the Green Corps initiatives can be forwarded their willingness to the respective District Co-ordinators/State Nodal Officer on or before 20th January 2013. Dr. Kamalakshan Kokkal, Joint Director& Head, Coastal & Environment Division, KSCSTE is the State Nodal Officer of the programme. For further information please contact the respective district coordinators.

[NGC-District Coordinators Address]