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| Last Updated:: 05/01/2015




National Polices

Ø  National Action plan on Climate Change 

Ø  National Forest Policy 1988

Ø  National Forest Policy 1952

Ø  National Forest Policy 1892

Ø  National Environment Policy-2006

Ø  National Policy on Hazardous Waste

Ø  National Water Policy 2002

Ø  National Conservation Strategy and Policy Statement on Environment and Development

Ø  National Policy on Disaster Management

Ø  Rural Electrification Policy

Ø  Bio-diesel purchase policy 2005

Ø  National Policy for Farmers 2007

Ø  National tribal policy 2006 (Draft)

Ø  Policy Statement for Abatement of Pollution 1992




State  Policies


Ø  Organic farming policy ---For the Malayalam Version Go!

Ø   Kerala Tourism Policy 2012

Ø  Kerala State Housing Policy

Ø  Kerala State Disaster Management Policy2010

Ø  Kerala State Environment Policy 2009 ---For The Malayalam Version  Go!

Ø  State Forest Policy 2009

Ø  Water policy 2008

Ø  Fisheries Policy-2004

Ø  Kerala Information Technology Policy 2007

Ø  Kerala Industrial & Commercial Policy 2007



Draft Policies