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| Last Updated:: 09/01/2020

Endangered plants



Scientific Name: Dipterocarpus bourdillonii

Species Authority: Brandis
Native: India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) 
Range Description: A large tree endemic to the Western Ghats, occurring principally in Kerala, with one or two occurrences extending into Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.
Habitat and Ecology: Lowland evergreen forest.
Systems: Terrestrial


Scientific Name: Hopea erosa 

Species Authority: (Beddome) Slooten
Native: India (Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu) 
Range Description: Known only from very few scattered records at the southern end of the Western Ghats.
Habitat and Ecology: The species is confined to lowland evergreen forest.
Systems: Terrestrial



Scientifiic Name: Vateria macrocarpa

Species Authority: B.L. Gupta 
Native: India (Kerala) 
Range Description: An extremely localized species in the Western Ghats.
Habitat and Ecology: Occurring in pure stands in evergreen forest at 1,200 m.
Systems: Terrestrial



Scientific Name: Ixora johnsonii

Species Authority: Hook.f.
Native: India (Kerala) 
Population: It is not known whether the species is still extant
Range Description: Known only from an imprecisely recorded location in the vicinity of Ernakulam on the Kerala coast.
System: Terrestrial



Scientific Name: Syzygium palghatense 

Species Authority:Gamble 
Native: India (Kerala)
Habitat and Ecology: A large tree from montane forest.
Population: Recorded in the last century, it has not been found since. The habitat is considerably reduced in extent and it is unknown whether the species is still extant. 
Range Description:    Endemic to the Palghat Hills. 
System: Terrestrial




Scientific Name: Dialium travancoricum 

Species Authority: Bourd.
Native: India (Kerala) 
Range Description: Endemic to a small area in the Travancore range, occurring at Ponmudi and Ariankavu.
Population: It appears to have become extremely scarce. No collections have been made in the last 100 years. Only small remnants of forest now exist within its former range.
Habitat and Ecology: A large tree of lowland forest.
Systems: Terrestrial
Major Threat(s): Forest cutting.



Scientific NameVatica chinensis

Species Authority: Linn
Native: India (Karnataka, Kerala); Sri Lanka 
Range Description: No records were made during the extensive forest surveys conducted between 1991 and 1996 for the National Conservation Review, suggesting that the species is either extremely rare or possibly extinct in Sri Lanka. In India, it is scattered in the Western Ghats.
Habitat and Ecology: Evergreen rainforest, often occurring in patches near freshwater swamps and rivers.
Systems: Terrestrial



Scientific Name:Poeciloneuron pauciflorum

Species Authority:    Beddome
Native: India (Kerala, Tamil Nadu) 
Range Description: This species was collected just two or three times in 19th century in Travancore and Tirunelveli.
Population: It was once a useful timber. Recent botanical surveys have failed to locate any specimens. It is not known for certain whether the species is now extinct.
Habitat and Ecology: Evergreen hill forest.
 Systems: Terrestrial
Major Threat(s): The habitat has been severely reduced in extent.



Scientific NameHopea jacobi

Species Authority: C. Fischer
Native: India (Karnataka) 
Range Description: Used to occur in Kodugu in the Western Ghats.
Population: It may now be extinct.
Habitat and Ecology: A relatively small dipterocarp found only once in evergreen forest.
Systems: Terrestrial



Scientific Name: Aglaia malabarica 

Species Authority: N.Sasidharan
Native: India (Kerala)
Range Description: Restricted to the type locality in northern Kerala. There is also a second field record of an occurrence further north in Wayanad.
Population: A fairly common tree where it occurs.
Habitat and Ecology: Evergreen forest.

Systems: Terrestrial



Scientific Name: Buchanania barberi 

Species Authority: Gamble
Native: India (Kerala) 
Range Description: Known only from the type locality at Nadari, Travancore District.
Population: It has not been recorded since colonial times.
Habitat and Ecology: A hill forest species. 
Systems: Terrestrial