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Printed Date: Friday, May 29, 2020

Notifications & Orders




Rules for lease of Land in Industrial Development area and development plot for industrial purpose  

Sabarimala Pilgrimage- Eco protection guidelines  

The Detailed Operational Guidelines Of WGDP[Western Ghat Development Programme] (G.O.(Ms) No.16/2014/PLG. Dated. 30.04.2014)

State Wetland Authority Kerala (SWAK) 2015

Guidelines for implementing Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Rules, 2017




Reconstituting  the Kerala Coastal Zone Management  Authority

CRZ Notification, Amendment 2005- MoEF, Govt. of India

CRZ Notification 2011

S.O. 556(E) [17-02-2015] : Amendment to CRZ, 2011 regarding Memorial/Monuments in CRZ-IV (A)

S.O. 383(E) [04-02-2015] : Amendment to CRZ,2011 regarding Hostels/Resorts in CRZ-II

S.O. 1244 (E), [07/05/2014] - Amendments to notification number S.O. 19(E)[PDF](88.67 KB)

S.O. 2558 (E), [22/08/2013] - Amendment to Island Protection Zone, 2011.

S.O. 2557 (E), [22/08/2013] - Amendment to the CRZ notification, 2011 regarding the utilization of the CZMPs.

S.O. 1120 (E) [29-08-2017] Regulation of President Organic Pollutants Rules, 2017

G.S.R.1227(E) Amendment-Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.O.1393(E) Amendment Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.O.2444(E) Amendment Coastal Regulation Zone 2011

S.o.3266(E) constitution of the National Coastal Zone Management Authority(NCZMA)

G.R.S 1265(E): Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2017 (Discharge Standard for Sewage Treatment Plants(STPs))

S.O.3337(E): Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2017 (Environmental Standards for Thermal Power Plants)

SO.3933(E), [18/12/2017] for Amendment in 1(a), 1(c), 8(b) of Schedule Appendix- XI of EIA Notification, 2006

S.O.1002(E)[06-03-2018] Coastal Regulation Zone Amendement Notification

S.O.3840(E)-[03/08/2018]- Amendement in Islands Protection Zone (IPZ) Notification 2011

G.S.R. 37(E).— [18/01/2019]- Coastal Regulation Zone Notification

S.O.No.1242(E)[08-03-2019]-I CRZ

Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) prepared as per CRZ Notification, 2011 to align it with CRZ Notification, 2019

S.O. 3903(E) Dated-[30.10.2019] Reconstitution of Kerala Coastal Zone Management Authority

S.O. 4137 (E) Dated-[18.11.2019]-Reconstitution of National Coastal Zone Management Authority


Environmental Impact Assessment Notifications and amendments

Environment (Protection) Rules, 1986

Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2009

 Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2011

Environmental Impact Assessment Notification-2006

Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2013

G.S.R. 158(E), [09/03/2009] - Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2009, Draft Notification.

S.O. 382(E) [03-02-2015] : Amendment to EIA, 2006 regarding Highways in Border States

Guidelines/Criteria for evaluation of proposals/requests for ground water abstraction

Amendment in EIA vide, S.O. 237(E) daed 15-01-2016 

S.O.4(E) Environmental Standards for common effluent treatment plants (CETP)

S.O. 35(E) Environmental Standards for Sugar Industry

G.S.R. No.395(E) Final HWM Rules 2016

S.O. 404(E) dated 14.12.2016 Constitution of Central Wetlands Regulatory Authority(CWRA)

GSR 1140(E) dated 14.12.2016 Wetlands (Conservation and Management) Amendment Rules, 2016

G.S.R.233(E)[15-03-2018] Environmental Standards Notification (Draft) for Brick-Kiln Industry

G.S.R 263(E)- Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules 2018 (Development of Emission Standards for SO2 & NOx for Lime Kiln, Ceramic, Foundry, Glass and Reheating Furnaces.

Compendium of Gazette Notifications On Environmental Impact Assessment from Sep 2006 to Dec 2018

Enforcement and Monitoring Guidelines for Sand Mining


S.O.123 (E), [14/2/2000] - Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000

S.O.50 (E), [11/01/2010] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2010

S.O.1569 (E), [19/09/2006] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2006

S.O.1088 (E), [13/07/2006] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2006

S.O.1088 (E), [11/10/2002] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2002

S.O.1046 (E), [22/11/2000] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2000

G.S.R. 176(E), [18/03/2013] - Noise Standards for fire crackers - amendments. 

S.O.1088 (E), [11/10/2002] - The Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) (Amendment) Rules, 2002

G.S.R. 176(E), [18/03/2013] - Noise Standards for fire crackers - amendments.Draft Notification of Sewage Treatment Plant

Draft Notication-Primary Water Quality Criteria for Bathing Water

G.S.R 261(E)[22.03.2018]E- Waste (Management) Amendment Rules, 2018

G.S.R.96(E)[29-01-2018] Final Notification of Emission for SO2 & NOx from Industrial Boilers

G.S.R. 568(E)[18/06/2018] Environment (Protection) Amendment Rules, 2018 - Airport Noise Standards

S.O.2502(E)-dated -[12.07.2019 ] Coastal Regulations for the Blue Flag Certification of Beaches

S.O 770(E)- Date-[20-02-2020]- Battery Waste Management Rules 2020